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From Chris Durang:

Thanks for looking at the site.  I decided to create the website primarily because Iíve been getting letters and emails from students who wanted information on me and my work for papers they were writing.

I know how frequently I do a Google search on topics I want to know about, so I decided I wanted young people interested in theatre and my work to have a way to get a lot of information about my plays all in one place.

Plus as I put the site together, I realized an additional purpose for the site would be for someone who knew and liked one play of mine to have a chance of learning of other ones Iíve written they may like.  (Be sure to check out the Full Length Plays and One Act Plays sections, which include a lot of descriptions, photos, and critical quotes.)

Home Page

News - Updated  September 9, 2014


Short Biography  and Long Biography

Published Plays  
  (Who Publishes Them and How to Order Books)

Full Length Plays  (includes photos)
  (Descriptions, Production History, Performance Rights)

One-Act Plays   (includes photos)  
  (Descriptions, Production History, Performance Rights)

How to Obtain Performance Rights - Updated  January 7, 2017

Film and TV Writing

Interviews, Articles & Essays

For Students - Frequently Asked Questions
  (Particularly for college and high school students doing papers.  
  Three sets of questions Durang answered for students)

Acting Work

(includes photos)

Film, TV

Guest Book - Updated  January 7, 2017


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