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"I've been flattered that people in schools have been assigned to do papers on me, or sometimes have chosen to do them.  And in the past two years some people have written me care of my agent and asked me to answer questions.  And thanks to computers, I've saved my answers.  

So I've decided to post those answers for other students who might find them helpful if they're asked to do papers on me.  

I'm somewhat abashed at how personal my answers to these questions are -- often times, way more information than was probably asked for.  But especially when I'm asked how and why I write the way I do, I find the psychology and dynamics in my family of origin to be the inescapable topic I need to discuss.  (After all, we're all greatly formed and affected by our families -- good things, bad things, quirky things.)  

So here are three "rounds" of questions and answers I did. Two were for college students; one was for high school.  

I appreciate the people who asked me the questions, and I hope they don't mind that I'm choosing to post the answers."


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