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  • Regarding Issues of Updating Some of My Plays (by Durang)
    Many of my plays have references to popular culture and personalities from the period in which they are written.  And as time has gone by, some of these references seem dated or arenít recognized by current audiences.  And Iíve been asked from time to time to ďupdateĒ these references so the plays seem more current.  Click Here to Read More


  • The Supreme Court (by Durang)
    In the Manís monologue in Laughing Wild  he makes critical and upset remarks about the Supreme Court case from 1986 called Bowers v. Hardwick. This case was triggered by a policeman entering the private home of a man in Georgia, by mistake, and finding him and another man having consensual sex, and arresting them both under the often overlooked anti-sodomy laws in Georgia. The court at that time ruled, 5-4,... Click Here to Read More


  • Comparing John Guare and Christopher Durang (by Steve Vineberg)
    John Guare and Christopher Durang fly ~ roughly ~ side by side.  They are our two looniest geniuses.  And the unpredictability of their best work, its refusal to ring familiar bells for audiences and critics and academics, must be at least part of the reason why, though Guare has been writing for the stage for three decades and Durang for two, they havenít received anything like the serious attention they merit.  Perhaps itís also because they work almost exclusively in the realm of comedy. 
    Click Here to Read More

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